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Gulaytu resort is located on one of the most beautiful coconut island  of Thailand - Koh Samui, a 1-minute walk from the beach of  
Lipa Noi. We make every effort so that our guests will get the pleasure of staying at our resort. Given the fact that our resort is  
located in a tropical palm grove, we try to observe the primeval nature for what it actually is. There are many high coconut trees and  
other kind of blooming trees around our resort as well as different birds. All of those listed are in a perfect harmony with a nature  
around and our guest would have a chance to immerse themselves into a beautiful green world full of sounds, smells of fresh sea  
breeze… There are no disco clubs, bars or other noisy entertainments around the resort. Our resort is perfectly designed for the  
couples or families looking for the calmness and harmony during the vacation with a good price for the accommodation.  Welcome to  
our small “island" of peace and tranquility!
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