Services available at the Gulaytu resort

The guests  may enjoy massage on the territory of the resort as well as  free parking and free WI FI are available. It will take you  
only 5 minutes to reach the shopping center and ferry pier Lipa Noi (Raja). In a case if you would like to rent a car, motorbike or  
bicycle the resort staff will be happy to assist you. The resort has a laundry. The resort offers the massage services at the villas or at  
the beach upon the request of the guests. You may enjoy the dishes of Thai and International cuisine at the Siesta Garden cafe.
Siesta Garden Cafe

Our cafe specializing in international and Thai cuisine. Here you can order  
a vegetarian meal, fish and chicken, as well as soups and salads.  We  
offer tasty and hearty breakfast to our guests. We do also offer a wide  
choice of drinks such as: fresh juices, fruit shakes, fruit yogurts, and  
alcohol beverages. You may spend a great time enjoying the meal at the  
cafe listening to the pleasant music. You can make the meal order before  
the time you arrive at the cafe. We are cooking with a great pleasure by  
the tastiest home recipes.
Rental vehicles

Golden Garuda Travel offers cars, motorbikes and bicycles rental on the  
island.  All equipment is in excellent condition checked by the mechanics  
constantly.  You may rent the HONDA motorbike by the best price in our  
office.  One of the requirements while renting the motorbike is the  
driving license of category A. We do offer the qualified instructor for  
those whom cannot drive but would like to learn. We have luxury cars like   
"sedan" , four-wheel drive jeep, mini "jeep" , four-wheel drive pickup  
truck with manual and automatic transmissions.
Thai Spirit Massage

Being in Thailand you should try famous Thai massageThe healing  
features of massage have been known for centuries when masters of  
massage passed their secret skills to the next generation. The special  
characteristic of Thai massage is in a whole system that effects to all five  
senses of the human body.  It helps to relax completely to release your  
body from the tension. Thais call it Metta which means brining  
goodness to people or in another translation the healing goodness of  
love. The main difference of this massage from any standard one is in  
its spiritual component.  All the movements are full with love that brings  
you to a marvelous results.
In a case if you would like to book any vehicle you can send a message to the email address:, be sure to include your name, the presence of a driver's license, specify the model and the number of days of booking.

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Thai massage it not only just rubbing of the peoples back. While masseur works with all the body using not only the hands but  
the legs as well. The main aim while massage is to relax. However, it could be difficult from the first time as Thai massage  
may bring the pain to your body from time to time especially when the masseur works with the toughest areas of muscles. The  
more often you visit massage the more relaxed your muscles become just after several sessions the pain could be gone.  
Actually, Thai massage is amazing pleasure that each tourist coming to Thailand should try. Our professional masseurs at the  
resort will do the best for you offering their services at the salon in the resort on your villa or at the beach.
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